Saturday, December 21, 2013

Casual Reindeer Outfit

Red Metallic Tweed Jacket
Black Reindeer Sweater
Black Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans
Black Ballet Flats

Reindeer Clutch
Ho ho ho. Christmas is in four days. I've (along with my sister) already started my holiday baking. Uh oh, we go hard in the kitchen, us Lin Sisters. Just the past two days alone we made vanilla cupcakes, Nutella cupcakes, cookie butter cupcakes, Russian tea cookies, peppermint meringues, gingerbread cookies, cookie butter cookies, and peppermint fudge brownies. Holy smokes it was crazy in our kitchen: flour, sugar, butter... everywhere. Plus side was that our house smelled amazing. Mmm...

Anyways, I have had to hold myself back on the desserts and try to refrain from them (oh so hard). We are giving the sweets away instead. Giving friends the goodies and baked goods that were made with love. Everyone needs some holiday desserts! Christmas is the best time of the year.

As for the outfit, I am loving the reindeer. I think they're just so adorable. And the tweed jacket and ballet flats make the whole outfit a bit more polished. There's a mix of everything: tweed/flats=polished, reindeer=festive/playful, and boyfriend jeans=casual/laid back. Love love love it.


P.S. Who else has been listening to Christmas music? And obsessing over Christmas lights...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Unique Beacon Hill Home

Here is a home in Beacon Hill (designed by Ruhl Walker Architects). There are five floors in total and each one is approximately 500-square feet. Although the square-footage of each floor is not particularly massive, the designs of them are. They are spectacular and make a huge impact as each has their own unique oomph.

Simple living room, marble fireplace
Nice right? Pardon me? Oh, too simple for you? Yes, mhm, I understand. You were expecting oomphier?

Okay, well, the post is not over. See the link below? Like it says, there's more... :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black On Black

Black. One of the most classic colors of the entire universe (besides white, obviously).

I really really really really really like to wear all black. For example, right now I'm wearing a black cardigan, a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots. Holy moly black overload...

But not really. Because you can never go wrong with wearing all black. Never. Never ever ever.

Take this outfit...

1. Black T-Shirt 2. Black Sunglasses
3. Black Pants 4. Black Pumps 5. Black Handbag

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Brunch

Good morning,

I am laying in my super-duper comfy dorm bed (no sarcasm whatsoever... really) typing with my face flat on the bed. Still in my PJs, three-quarters awake. Just imagine that will you.

What does it look like? Pure Sunday morning laziness. Aka bliss.

But you know what would make this bliss even more blissful? If I had a nice in-bed brunch. Oh the luxurious things I think of...

Unfortunately, I have no kitchen, no personal chef, and/or no intention of walking (taking the stairs is ten times quicker than waiting for/taking the elevator) down to the dining hall, so I just looked up some types of brunch-like food to tempt myself.

Let the drooling begin...

Nutella Crepes

Friday, November 15, 2013

Quotes To Think About

Who loves quotes? (Answer: Everyone.) Who doesn't love quotes? (Answer: No one.) Sooo... everyone loves quotes and no one doesn't love quotes. Got it? (Yes) Get it? (Yes) Good. (Good)

Check these ones out. I made them.

Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beverly Hills 1930s Mediterranean Home

I was reading The Wall Street Journal online the other day (aka Monday: November 11) and came across their "House of the Day" segment. I took a gander and found this beauty of a home. It looks cozy on the outside, but totally "rawr" on the inside.

Subtle on the outside
The outside appearance does not really fit my style, but my oh my do I love the interior design of this $9,995,000 (so casual - the struggle is so real) home in the 90210.

Now you take a gander...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Gold Errthang

Gold is one of those colors that goes with anything. It turns non-eye-catching things into totally-eye-catching things.

For example, you have the ugliest brown sweater and have no idea what to do with it. Do you throw the sweater away? NO. No no no. You put something goddamn gold on yourself and all of your problems are solved.

Or, take this one: you are feeling a little down... cure to happiness: wear some gold. Plain and simple.

X + Gold = Fabulous.

I'm telling you a little goes a long way. Make use of all things gold, glittery, shimmery, sparkly, and sequiny.

1. Gold Ring 2. Gold Clutch 3. Gold Earrings
4. Gold Cuff 5. Gold Bustier 6. Gold Necklace

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boo: Halloween Handbags

It's Halloween guys. Where girls dress like sloots  people dress up in cute and creative costumes and what not. You know, hoard unnecessary candy trick or treat and what not. The basics.

But here I am contently writing a blog post on Halloween-colored (orange and black if you needed a reminder) handbags. Aaand... *drum roll* to be in the festive spirit, I've put on a costume and am currently eating candy corn.

Whoop whoop.

No, just kidding, ain't nobody got time for that - who do you take me for?

What I do have time for is writing this post, and I know that you have the time to read this post, so...

Here are the handbags that caught my patched eye... (argh. that was for the pirates out there.)

1. Tory Burch 2. ChloĆ© 3. Danielle Nicole  4. Michael Kors 5. Rebecca Minkoff
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs 7. Rebecca Minkoff 8. Kate Spade 9. Kate Spade 10. Kate Spade

As you can see, I'm into top handle bags at the moment. The ones with simple, clean lines are my favorite.

Which ones do you like best?


P.S. Please please please do not obtain either (or both) TMC (too much candy) syndrome or IWTLC [pronounced ew-tee-el-see] (I'm-wearing-too-little-clothing) disorder tonight.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eco-Modern Cap Cod Beach Home


Right by the H2O

Solar panels

This beach getaway was built by Zero Energy Design, an architectural design firm in Boston, Massachusetts with a specialization in eco-friendly and green homes. 

It is 6,200 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. There's solar panels and energy efficient light fixtures, appliances, water heaters. In addition, a private gym (to get toned, tanned, fit and ready beach bodies...) and a theater are in this home. 

Take a look. Would you want to live here?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Clover Canyon...

...has the most intricate and interesting patterns. The colors, symmetry, and abstract designs are breathtaking.

Crystal Palace Top
Sheer paneled chiffon back, gathered three-quartered sleeves, asymmetric hemline

I was online window shopping on their website and found my favorites...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Black/Grey/White Sweaters

I like simple things. Black/grey/white are simple enough as colors. Don't get me wrong, I love my colorful colors, but sometimes a girl just needs to chill in her chill colors. You feel me?

And it's sweater weather and all now, so here are some of my ideal sweaters for this weather.

1. Proenza Schoueler 2. J.Crew 3. Maiyet 4. Helmut Lang 5. J.W.Anderson 6. J.Crew

Don't you just want them all? (Answer: YES.)


(P.S. Repetition of words is necessary for awesome posts.)

Eco Comfy Chic

Prabal Gurung