Monday, October 28

Clover Canyon...

...has the most intricate and interesting patterns. The colors, symmetry, and abstract designs are breathtaking.

Crystal Palace Top
Sheer paneled chiffon back, gathered three-quartered sleeves, asymmetric hemline

I was online window shopping on their website and found my favorites...

Chandelier Top
Sporty halter neckline with gradually flared flowy bottom

Arabesque Scarf Dress
T-shirt style with black color blocked sides

Gatsby Dress
Long-sleeved body hugging

Russian Enamel Dress
Sleeveless body hugging

Ballerina Diamond Dress
Quarter sleeve a-line
Gold Panther Dress
Sleeveless drop-waist

Aren't they gorgeous? My top three are the last three. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 


P.S. I noticed the designs centralize-slash-highlight the waistline, so they capture zee eye to slim zee waistline. Boom. Win win.