Tuesday, October 29

Eco-Modern Cap Cod Beach Home


Right by the H2O

Solar panels

This beach getaway was built by Zero Energy Design, an architectural design firm in Boston, Massachusetts with a specialization in eco-friendly and green homes. 

It is 6,200 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. There's solar panels and energy efficient light fixtures, appliances, water heaters. In addition, a private gym (to get toned, tanned, fit and ready beach bodies...) and a theater are in this home. 

Take a look. Would you want to live here?

Bamboo beach-front decking

Bright interior, large windows, high ceiling

Radiant heating system

Minimalist kitchen

Energy efficient lighting, love this kitchen...

Always clean, fresh air


Obsessed with the stairs

Not sure about the blue tiles, would prefer white/neutral color to match color scheme

Open living room and that view...

Modern, modern, modern
So? Yes or no?

I know I wouldn't mind spending some weekends or summers here...