Thursday, November 21

Unique Beacon Hill Home

Here is a home in Beacon Hill (designed by Ruhl Walker Architects). There are five floors in total and each one is approximately 500-square feet. Although the square-footage of each floor is not particularly massive, the designs of them are. They are spectacular and make a huge impact as each has their own unique oomph.

Simple living room, marble fireplace
Nice right? Pardon me? Oh, too simple for you? Yes, mhm, I understand. You were expecting oomphier?

Okay, well, the post is not over. See the link below? Like it says, there's more... :)

Tuesday, November 19

Black On Black

Black. One of the most classic colors of the entire universe (besides white, obviously).

I really really really really really like to wear all black. For example, right now I'm wearing a black cardigan, a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots. Holy moly black overload...

But not really. Because you can never go wrong with wearing all black. Never. Never ever ever.

Take this outfit...

1. Black T-Shirt 2. Black Sunglasses
3. Black Pants 4. Black Pumps 5. Black Handbag