Thursday, November 21

Unique Beacon Hill Home

Here is a home in Beacon Hill (designed by Ruhl Walker Architects). There are five floors in total and each one is approximately 500-square feet. Although the square-footage of each floor is not particularly massive, the designs of them are. They are spectacular and make a huge impact as each has their own unique oomph.

Simple living room, marble fireplace
Nice right? Pardon me? Oh, too simple for you? Yes, mhm, I understand. You were expecting oomphier?

Okay, well, the post is not over. See the link below? Like it says, there's more... :)

Liking the contrast between white and black (picture on wall is stunning)

Different style, love the purple/deep accents/black flooring (marble fireplace!)

This contrasts from the bright living room (I like this style more...)

Another contrast. All white (classy classy).. love the glossy white floors/metallic silver details

If only my closet was like this.... (but I'll stick with my dorm room one for now)

All white errthang. Love it
Oh. So. Oomphy.

Two questions.

1. How would you design smaller spaces?

2. What do you think of the contrasting designs on each floor of this home?

Ponder over those.


UPDATE: Readers emailed me with their answers to my second question and a majority (97.25%) of them said, and I quote, "The designs of the home are simply oomphy. So oomphy." Music to my ears. Just music to my ears.