Thursday, June 26

Heidi Klum's Italian Villa In Brentwood, L.A.

Photo By: Nick Springett from WSJ - Real Estate

It has been a while since I have looked at houses online (which is one of my hobbies, looking at beautiful houses, the architecture, main design, and interior designs of them). I was looking around Wall Street Journal - Real Estate and saw this post, "Heidi Klum Lists in L.A. for $25 Million". Right away, I clicked. The article title intrigued me, but mostly the icon image of the home was what caught my eye the most. From that small image, I saw lush green all over the entirety of the home. I have not seen such a thing before, so my curiosity brought me to look further into the home.

The article's author, Candace Taylor, stated that "the model and television personality purchased the property in 2010 for $14.2 million" and also "spent more than six months renovating the home".

Take a look at some of the photos of the "some 12,300 square feet" home...

This is the library. Thought it was a living room - oops! See the intricate and gorgeous detailing of the "antique ebonized wood bookcase". This seems classic, old-school vibe mixed with a bit of glam. Bonus: flowers. Photo By: Nick Springett from WSJ - Real Estate

This is the kitchen. There is much wood in the house (see this and this). Not a fan of the wood, but I do like the layout of this kitchen. The appliances are stainless steel and the designs seem unique. Really like the countertops. Bonus: I see more flowers. Photo By: Nick Springett from WSJ - Real Estate

Me gusta, me gusta. The cozy movie theater. Love what's going on with the walls, and the coaches look comfortable. Imagine if the sofas reclined back. Ahh. And again, not a fan of the wood! (Or the non-streamlined transition of the flooring to the other room... and the bricks? cobblestone? flooring... see, more wood in other room. There's just too much for me to handle!) Photo By: Nick Springett from WSJ - Real Estate

So those were only a few photos of the estate. I definitely enjoy the exterior, architecture, and landscaping of the home, but as far as the interior goes, it is slightly more classic and old-fashioned than what I do like. (Although the movie theater had a tough of modern to it.) Overall, I would say this home is a mix of everything - the exterior and landscaping is "of a home in the south of France", as Heidi Klum described herself, and I'd say the rest of the house is mostly classic with glam and modern touches added to it.

What do you think? Do you like the design of it? The exterior? Interior? Both? Neither?


P.S. To see the remainder of the photos, visit the article and also see the full slideshow.