Sunday, June 8

Mason Jar Goodness

Strawberry pineapple smoothie in... a mason jar

I love mason jars. I really do. They are so versatile. You can put food in them, you can decorate them, you can put drinks in them, you can do basically anything with them. What I do just about 100% of the time with the mason jars around our house is fill them up with either a) water, b) smoothies, c) juices, or d) fruit. It is so convenient that I just dump either of the mentioned things into a mason jar, cover it with the cap, and then take them to-go.

Take a look at some of the things I fill my mason jars with... (all taken from Iris Eats Healthy.'s Instagram)

Cherry tomatoes in... a mason jar

Garden of Life Raw Protein chocolate smoothie in... a mason jar

Blueberries and grapes in... a mason jar

Mango, peach, and grapefruit smoothie in... a mason jar

Where do I get my mason jars from? Well, food. For example, the mason jars in this post are all from finished/emptied/cleaned out spaghetti sauce jars. Basically all you have to do is remove the outside label and then you're good to go.

Tip: leave hot water in the jar(s) before removing the label(s) so the adhesive melts. The label(s) should come off easily without any sticky residue.

I am pretty sure most of you already reuse the glass containers and realize how useful they are - I am just so in love with them and have been using them nonstop this summer so I dedicated a post to them. Also, not to mention they are long-lasting and, like I said, can be used for basically anything. (For me, it's food, food, and more food.)

Happy Mason Jar Using!