Thursday, July 17

A Lil Bit Of Silver

You know, when I was younger, I only liked silver jewelry. No gold. Bring up anything gold and I would dislike it. But bring up silver and my eyes got big and I was a happy kid. Then, at one point, I am not sure when specifically, but at that point, I began to love gold. Matching gold accessories was, and still is, the best to me and my favorite. However, to mix things up, there is absolutely no hate for silver. Silver remains close to my heart and I will still be very fond of all things silver. I mean, not as much as gold, but you know, a lil bit of silver never hurt me, so why not wear it here and there and pair some silver with an outfit.

For today's outfit, the silver accessories (which I chose with little sparkles) are not simply plain. The earrings are "the evil eye", the first ring has a "jaw" style to it, and the second ring is a cool "cage-like" "double-band midi ring". They are unique silver accessory items that jazz up the basic grey long-sleeve t-dress and basic black scalloped ballet flats.

Dress: Mango
Shoes: ChloƩ
Accessories: Baublebar