Tuesday, July 29

Coral Glam

This is the very first interior decor "outfit" I put together. I don't know about you, but I think coral is one of the best colors out there. Ever. So the coral pillows (which are covers, you have to purchase the inserts separately) add a burst of color to the neutral (and tufted!) settee, and are complimented by the gold striped accent pillows. The lamps are so glam with the metallic and layered-beads base. For the wall decor, I chose the simple, white, floral canvas art (are those hydrangeas? I love hydrangeas). In all, this is a comfortable and gorgeous place (maybe in the living room?) to come home and rest to.

Sofa: West Elm
Coral Pillow Case: West Elm
Gold Pillow Case: West Elm
Floor Lamp: West Elm
Wall Art: Graham & Brown

P.S. Notice the double-ing of the pillows and lamps. I think it makes more of a statement and I really like symmetry!