Monday, July 21

Electra Bikes

I may or may not have done a small search on bicycles. I found these four beauties above because... they are gorgeous and colorful and oh-so-pretty. And... I may or may not have a small obsession with bicycles at this moment.

When I was a much littler girl, my family and I would take weekend bike rides around the neighborhood. I remember when my sister and I went to Toys "R" Us with our dad to look at all of the bikes and pick which one(s) we wanted. I think we ended up with this pink "big girl" bike with Hawaiian-style floral decals all over it and pink glittery streamers on the handles. You have no idea how excited we were about it. We also had a smaller bike from years before the big girl bike and, for some reason, without realizing it, it was probably from the boys' section. It was a deep dark blue and there definitely was no glitter, flowers, or streamers anywhere to be found. None the less, we had these amazing two-wheeled "vehicles", so riding happily around our neighborhood we did with our big girl bike and our smaller glitter-less bike.

As the years have gone by, I hardly remember biking at all let alone thought about biking. It was only until I visited one of my professors and saw his bike parked right inside of his office that I contemplated biking. It was quite entertaining to me (it was this large bike in an office!), so I was intrigued about that and biking in general. Of course I questioned the bike and he told me he biked every morning to our 8am class. First of all, that takes a tremendous amount of dedication to wake up each morning and bike instead of drive... much r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Second of all, I was totally jealous - I'd like to bike every day. Seriously, I would, it's good for your legs, your bum, and it's fun. Since then, I have told myself to find some time to bike. It doesn't matter when or where*, I just want to bike.

Whether it's biking in the hills (I worked this summer and there was not a day on my drive there where I did not see a bicyclist alongside the rode pedaling up the hills) or simply riding along our neighborhood like the good ol' days when I was a much littler girl. There is nothing I would enjoy more right now than to pick up a pretty bike and just enjoy the ride.

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*Not down Comm Ave. though, it gets a little crazy there. I almost got ran over by a bicycle once - or twice - true story.