Friday, July 25

Foo Dogs

Oh my gosh, how adorable are these Foo Dogs?? (Otherwise known as the almighty Chinese Guardian Lions.) They are typically seen in China as ginormous figurines either in a pair or one by itself, "protecting" the entrance of imperial buildings/temples/households/etc. or doorways. Thankfully, I found smaller versions of these Foo Dogs, because, quite frankly, these scare me. The miniature Foo Dog statues are still a bit menacing, but since they are so small, I can't help but think they are cute as can be. They'd be good bookends and/or simply left alone on a shelf/bookcase/table/etc. by themselves as decor. The Foo Dogs are listed from lowest-highest price...

1. Target

Tip: You can purchase the blank-slate Target bookends and spray paint them in any color for a custom look!