Tuesday, July 22

Mini Maxi

Mini bag. Maxi dress. Mini maxi. This ankle-length dress is gorgeous with a slightly bohemian feel to it - the "crochet-lace trim" and tassel tie-neck along with the cinched waist make it girly and fun. Not to mention there are pockets as well - yes!

To pair with the dress, a black ultra-mini lady-like crossbody satchel, gold and turquoise accessories, and black strappy sandals with criss-cross stitching details. Altogether, this makes for another casual, yet put together outfit for the spring, summer, or just to run errands in. (I think I have a thing for these types of outfits... you know, laid-back + bit of glam.)

Dress: Madewell
Earrings: Harrison Morgan
Shoes: Joie