Wednesday, July 23

The Lindsey Chair

Two weekends ago, I was at U.C. Davis for a tennis tournament with my mother. It was quite warm, so we found this little place called "University Mall" with Trader Joe's, Cost Plus World Market, Forever 21, Starbucks, and a few other establishments to walk around and cool down in. It was definitely peaceful and relaxing to stroll through the different stores. (Especially TJ's - love it there, purchased juice/sushi and, naturally, the Cookie Butter was calling my name.)

One afternoon, we walked into Cost Plus World Market to purchase a towel (because I had forgotten mine at home - whoops) and as we entered the store, we saw these beautiful, beautiful tufted chairs. I gasped as I saw them, not even kidding. I told my mom that I needed one of those chairs, I just needed one of them. I mean, I didn't really need one necessarily, but it would be a nice addition to my bedroom. And my mother even agreed that they were gorgeous chairs.

I was imagining the empty section in my room next to my bookshelves and how wonderful it would be to have a vibrant chair to simply veg out and read some books in. Although I do not know exactly the comfort level of the chairs, they were tufted and seemingly plushy, so I am guessing they are fine to sit and, like I said, veg out, nap, and/or read some books in.

My bedroom is a very dark aubergine color with gold accents. My table, bookshelves, and bedside tables are all gold. The table and bookshelves were DIY and spray painted gold with Rustoleom Universal Spray Paint. The bedside tables were purchased from Target with a rustic gold/wood look. Purchased on sale for I believe roughly $30-$40 each. All of these items, I saw and knew I had to purchase them. Especially the beside tables, it was love at first sight. Anyways, continuing on, my bed looked like this originally, and then I DIYed it (because I love DIYing) and turned it into a upholstered bed with a gold-nailhead-trimmed tufted headboard. (Something along the lines of this for the overall bed upholstery and color and then this for the headboard - except, again, color of headboard is the same as the first photo.)

So, now you have a slight picture of what is in my room and how it looks like. Reason I described it is because I would like to put bits of bright, colorful pieces in it to make the bedroom "pop" a little more rather than having a darker ambiance. I am thinking of maybe purchasing the Fuchsia Lindsey Chair. It would be a fun addition to my room. See this and this for my inspiration: dark walls with a pop of bright pink furniture.

And the chairs are priced on sale for $99.99, so it makes me want to buy one even more!

Help me out here - what color do you think I should get?? (Fuchsia, Papaya, Peacock, or Apple Green... See all colors.)


P.S. I would also spray paint the legs of the chair with the same spray paint I used for the table/bookshelves. (I just love gold so so much...) Oh, and I also have a Georgia O'Keeffe-esque inspired pastel drawing that I did when I was younger encased in a spray-painted gold frame. Rather than hanging it, it is currently displayed on the ground leaning against the empty section wall. Plan to put more artwork with gold frames in the room as well (either hung and/or left on the ground.)