Wednesday, August 27

Five Recipes

Image via Bon Appétit.

These past few days, I have been more invested in finding recipes to make. This is a plus as I - and my family - can enjoy various homemade foods. The downside is that I am only cooking these less than a week from when I return back to Boston. (Imagine everything I would have been able to make if I made more recipes earlier!) It only means one thing: a cooking fest for the next few days! Here are three recipes I tried and I will also include two that I would like to make.

1. Portuguese Baked Eggs - Plan on making for breakfast or brunch one morning. Doesn't the photo look absolutely divine? See #3 for why I want to make this...

2. Lemon-Soufflé Pudding - Plan on making for dessert one evening. I love a good lemon treat.

3. Herbed-Baked Eggs - Super easy and quick recipe made for brunch one morning. Herbs are wonderfully combined in addition to the parmesan. Serves two. New-found love for baked eggs after I had this... (Thanks Ina!)

4. Crispy Salt-and-Vinegar Potatoes - Simple recipe as well. If you are not a fan of vinegar, do not make. Needed more time to brown the potatoes, but enjoyed the lightly crisp end result.

5. Bucatini with Butter-Roasted Tomato Sauce - Again, another easy recipe to make. The sauce is delicious and I used organic whole-wheat spaghetti in lieu of bucatini. Will make this one more time before I leave, so bucatini will be used.

So far, the recipes I used were a success and I can only imagine the others I plan to use to be just as good. On I search for even more recipes to make!

Image via Bon Appétit.