Friday, August 22

Ladurée Macarons

Image via Louis Beche
How delicious do those Ladurée macarons look? They are gorgeous, packaged beautifully, and the colors are vibrant. Oh, Ladurée, how I love you so. I had my very first bite of a Ladurée macaron last year when I was in Miami (with the tennis team) for spring break. I was strolling down Lincoln Road one afternoon and once I reached nearly to the end, I saw the small Ladurée store in the corner (did not realize there was one there, thought they were only in France, or Paris to be precise).

My body froze and my eyes immediately lit up. I had been wanting to have a taste of what those macarons would be like. I had heard a lot about them throughout the years and thought that macarons in general were so dainty and elegant. Ladurée's packaging and store environment were absolutely breathtaking to me (I mean, from what I saw online), escalating my desire to try a macaron from them.

When I saw the store, obviously I was in such a state of excitement, but I did not expect for me to purchase as many macarons as I did as I was worried there was the slightest chance I would not like them. I first bought two to try (I had some candy from Dylan's Candy Bar prior - sugar overload!) and oh my goodness, the macarons were everything I expected and more. Automatically, I knew they would become one of my all-time favorite desserts. (They are now my favorite kind of dessert - macarons in general, not just Ladurée ones.)

The next day, we took a trip to Lincoln Road once again (went there quite a few times, actually, during our week-long stay in Miami... food, shopping, people-watching, walking, Ladurée, what's not to love??) and consequently purchased macarons once again. Let me tell you, I was obsessed. I wanted every single flavor. Although I do not remember all of the flavors I had, what I do know is that I was completely and totally in love with the Marie Antoinette flavor (could not pinpoint what it was, but it was the best). I ended up purchasing more than a few of those magnificent robin's egg blue macarons to eat the next day. I consumed them the next morning for breakfast, making it one of the most perfect breakfasts I had ever had (a little bit of sugar in the morning never hurt!).

It's unfortunate I didn't buy more of the Ladurée macarons to take back to Boston and enjoy, but the memory I hold of my first (Ladurée) macaron experience was incredible. There isn't a single doubt in my mind that the next time I end up at a Ladurée store, I will buy as many (ahem, Marie Antoinette, ahem) macarons as I can. Until then, I will attempt to make my own and also try other places' delectable and delicate macaron treats.

Ladurée's Marie Antoinette Macaron. Image via A Girl, A Style - Pinterest