Friday, August 29

Target's Nailhead Headboards

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Target is my go-to place for basically any essentials. I know that if I am ever in need of anything, it is 99.9% guaranteed that Target will provide me with satisfaction in finding and purchasing a quality product at a steal price. Seriously, it is one of the best places to shop at whether it be for clothing, groceries, stationery, gifts, home decor, beauty products, etc. etc. It is a magical one-stop shop, not to mention its main color is red - one of my favorite colors!

So whilst online window shopping on, I came across these gorgeous headboards. There were so many that I loved (Target does that to me... too many great options), but these four were my favorites. No surprise, they are neutral-colored, have nailhead-trims (except for one), and are upholstered... all quite similar to the one that I DIY-built a few years ago. (Actually, these types of headboards were what initially inspired me to create the headboard bed in the first place.)

With these headboards, though, you will not have to worry about getting your hands dirty (well, except for a little bit of assembly) and each one is ready-made for under $500. Ah, typical Target, what a deal!

Target's Nailhead Headboards

1. Scalloped & Nailhead Headboard - beautiful border for this one, nailhead trim on the edge, available in two other colors

2. Clip Corner Nailbutton Headboard - my favorite design, simple but not too simple, nailhead trim a few inches in from the edge, only available in the "taupe" color

3. Safavieh Jeneve Headboard - another simple design with a slight raise in the middle, nailhead trim at the very edge and wrapping around the sides, available in three other colors

4. Safavieh Kerstin Headboard - design similar to first one - this one slightly shorter; does not have nailhead trim, although I imagine you can hire someone (or DIY) to implement it within the border indents; largest color selection - available in four other colors