Wednesday, August 20

This Or That

Have you ever seen one of those "Who Wore It Better" segments on magazines, TV shows, or simply anywhere on the internet? Well, this is sort of like that, except with furniture and decor items (and fashion as well - just sans the people wearing the clothing). This time, we have two beautiful armchairs along with two beautiful rugs. They are all so beautiful. The thing is: decide, this or that.

The coral (mango, specifically) colored honeycomb arm chair or the neutral-toned-down yellow (West Elm calls it horseradish) colored one? One Kings Lane's has a smaller honeycomb pattern that is more detailed and intricate whereas West Elm's is more simplistic with crisp lines. Another difference between the two are the legs with One King Lane's being longer and higher off the ground. West Elm's is the exact opposite: tiny peg legs bringing the chair basically to the ground.

For the rugs, both have an updated chevron pattern. Jonathan Adler's chevron has a pixelated-effect with a two-tone white/bright yellow color whereas Surya's pattern has more turns (and sleeker and smoother lines) and is multicolored (five different ones, including a muted and mustard-y yellow).

As far as pricing goes, West Elm's honeycomb arm chair (currently on sale) is almost double that of One Kings Lane's (final sale) and Jonathan Adler's updated chevron rug is almost double that of Surya's (at the 5' x 8' size).

So considering all aspects of the items, which honeycomb arm chair and updated chevron rug do you prefer?

Honeycomb Arm Chair

Updated Chevron Rug