Wednesday, February 11

Surrey Living

Once again, I have come across a beautiful property on Wall Street Journal's Real Estate page. This one is in Surrey, England and is listed at $24,000,000. I was automatically attracted to the symmetry and architectural design of the exterior of the house not to mention the lush greenery. The exterior leans towards being more classic and refined while the interior is modern. The surprise factor of this contrast is what I love most about the house. Take a look at the interior...

Magnificent entryway - adore the openness and the spiral staircase... and the glam light fixture
Love the floor-to-ceiling windows and curtains... and the wooden accents... swoon...
Luxurious amenities and high ceilings

So... what do you think? Love it or not? For more info and images, see here.

Images: WSJ, Savills, Javier Espinoza