Monday, August 17

Fashion & Furniture

This is... the first "Fashion & Furniture" post on LIN+LIN. How exciting!

My love for fashion is undeniable, but so is my love for furniture (home decor, design, architecture, etc. etc.). I just love it all. This is such a "kill two birds with one stone" kind of thing. Anyways,  proceeding with the actual content...


It is still summer right now, but soon, fall will come. And then winter. (Which all of us on the East Coast are so happily and anxiously anticipating right?) Well, when the fall and winter seasons approach and the weather becomes the opposite of "80ยบ, sunny, and cloudless", this Miu Miu coat will keep you nice and warm. (Dare I even say... extra (red) hot.) I love the shape of this ladylike coat and the buttons are eye-catching. Plus, it is a gorgeous shade of red. It will brighten up the dreariest of days!

Now, the furniture counterpart to the coat... a red campaign accent table. From the color to the gold hardware, this accent table matches up perfectly with the coat. Both classic pieces that make a statement at the same time - super red hot!


Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. This Burberry skirt is all about glitz and glam. It is a go-to party skirt for when you want to stand out in the crowd... I mean, it is glistening silver, how could you not? The length of the skirt is modest, but then there is a leg-slit to up the "oomph" factor even more.

As for the matching furniture piece, it is a campaign table similar to the one in "Red Hot's", but it is mirrored instead of an opaque red. It is shiny and bright, not to mention reflective. Oh, and what if you were to wear the silver sequin skirt and stand next to the mirrored campaign table?  It would be the ultimate silver fashion & furniture party. 


Having included silver in this "Fashion & Furniture" post, it is only logical to have gold in it as well. I saw the accent table first and kind-of, sort-of fell in love with it. It is so simple, but would stand out in any room. It looks like it has a gold leaf texture to it. The clear table top is a good balance for the gold. I say this is one golden gem of an accent table. 

Where is the golden gem of a fashion piece, you might be asking? It is this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (triple gorgeous!) Alice + Olivia minidress. The metallic details are exquisite and the overall structure of the dress is amazing (hello deep-v!). What a perfect pair of golden gems.

Which "Fashion & Furniture" combination do you like the most?