Friday, September 4

Falling for Club Monaco

Hello and TGIF! Hope you've had a great week so far. I traveled home to California for one week and came back to Boston last weekend for school - the weather has been fabulous over here, not to mention the university atmosphere. Classes are in session and herds of people are walking up and down the campus, creating hustle-and-bustle pedestrian traffic... (but speed-walkers galore still, myself included). It certainly was not that way over the summer... goodbye empty Comm Ave! 

Everyone's still fashioned in their summer clothing, but soon sweaters and cozy clothing will replace our tanks and shorts. Looking through Club Monaco, I fell in love with so much of their fall clothing. Like this scarf, this henley, this sweater, this wrap, this vest, this jacket, this pullover, and this poncho (all in the photo above). I'm also loving thisthisthis, this, and this. For even more cozy-comfortable-chic clothing, head on over to Club Monaco... their cashmere shop is a can't miss.

Have a great weekend!

xo, I