Monday, February 15

Chocolate Love

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. I sure had a wonderful one. :) Valentine's day is filled with love and happiness. Big smiles are all around and, other than the two aforementioned feelings, this might also be due to chocolate consumption. I am not sure if you feel the same way, but chocolate makes me happy. I have it once in a while so I try to savor each bite, but, most of the time, I find that the chocolate disappears in the matter of seconds. (Hmm... is this magic or is this a case of a-piece-of-chocolate-too-eager-to-be-eaten-by-a-20-year-old-girl? Could be one, could be the other, could be both, but I believe it is the latter.) After I eat chocolate, I just feel an overwhelming sense of pure joy. So rich, so creamy, so delicious, so decadent, so... chocolatey. Even though Valentine's Day has passed, I would like to continue thinking about chocolate. So, naturally, I found four chocolate-filled recipes that I can make (and just so I can peek at the photos) to satisfy my chocolate cravings whenever they come up.

Are you a chocolate-lover and would you make any of these recipes?

xo, I