Monday, February 29

Golden Time

From left to right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with reading, relaxing, and roaming around. Something I have noticed since I have been in California is that the weather has been incredible. The sun is always out, the sky is always blue, and the air is always fresh. (My love for the sky and California scenery explains why 90% of my Instagram photos are of the sky, nature, and scenery... too much beauty!) Sometimes I wonder if I should just stay here forever... :) I mean, Boston has its pluses, but it is difficult to top pleasant weather year-round. But, for now, I will enjoy both cities since I am still going back and forth between the two and will not actually settle down in one place anytime soon... I can only say: lucky me!

This photo was captured last Friday morning just as the sun was rising. Love this view!

Since I do not own a watch (or, rather, I do not own an operative watch), I was online-window-shopping for one. I love gold accessories and several gold Nixon watches caught my eye. They are classic, timeless (...), and chic. Wear them with a casual outfit or a dressier one - these watches are versatile. Eventually I will purchase one... I am just indecisive as to which one out of these four I favor the most... I adore all of them!

Look 1: Casual

There is a California pendant option for the necklace! Can't go wrong with a navy/brown combo. Super simple outfit.

Look 2: Casual

I have the sunglasses in black and wear them everywhere. I'd tuck the t-shirt into the skirt... comfy, cool, casual.

Look 3: Dressy

All-black is my go-to. Hello thigh-high suede boots... and leather jacket.

Look 4: Dressy

The peach-toned dress and nude pumps go perfectly together... Also, I love hoop earrings.

Which watch/look do you like most?

xo, I