Thursday, February 4

Lace-Up Shoes

Who knew a spontaneous late-night rendezvous with my beloved laptop would lead me to a blog post?

Well, here I am, hearing the clicking and clacking of my keyboard as I type away.

There was an ultra-mini setback in the progress of this post due to me decidedly lifting my right hand up towards my volume control keys so that I could turn my music up... (I have a Macbook Air 11" - it's compact, portable, light: love it - so the ultra-mini setback was really just about one second.) Coldplay trumps keyboard noise any day, so it was a given that I would not allow for my typing to muffle Chris Martin's voice. Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry, you don't know how lovely you are... Ah, a classic. (I am listening to this from the embedded Spotify player on the sidebar. Music selection for that will vary over time.)

So far from this post, I am thankful for technology, Apple, Spotify, Mr. Martin, and Coldplay. I am not, however, thankful for the fact that I just spent my time describing the details of my ultra-mini setback, which, inadvertently, has now become a more-than-ultra-mini setback.

Anyway, moving on, what I originally intended to blog about is the category of lace-up shoes. I was not a fan of them before, but now I find them to be highly appealing. By the way, sneakers are excluded from this categorization of lace-up shoes. I am speaking of the shoes that have the thin laces slithering up your feet and circling around your ankles. Whether the lace-up shoes are low flats or high heels, I am no longer scared away by the thought of them. Will the laces stay in place? Where is the support? How will I walk? Will my ankles and feet suffocate? Those unnerving questions, along with many others, inhibited me from even considering this style of shoe to add to my online window-shopping bags from where I do not actually pull the trigger to confirm checkout purchase. I suppose I like the look of lace-up shoes so much that I can put behind my fears of the potentially poor functionality of them... and so,  stemming from this switch of mindset, I have chosen several lace-up shoes to share...

Perhaps one day you will see me sauntering around with a pair of lace-up shoes whilst proclaiming how comfortable they are...

xo, I

P.S. All of the neutral/taupe/brown shoes are also available in black.

P.P.S. My penchant for minimalism/simplicity prompted a LIN+LIN blog redesign... hello, white space!