Wednesday, February 10

Makeup Routine

I like to keep things simple. For instance, my makeup routine... I have had the same makeup routine for the longest time. I do not use many products and everything fits into a small pouch so that it is convenient for travel and also organization. These products have lasted for a long time even though I use them daily. Every morning, same routine, same products. The consistency of this allows me to think and worry less in the morning as I prepare for my day. Also, because I am so used to this routine and the order in which I apply everything, I can apply my makeup efficiently. Me doing my makeup routine is analogous to a robot performing its programmed-tasks. Everything is automatic and flows so naturally. (Yes, I did just compare myself to a robot. This circumstance called for it.) I do not intend to modify this routine or supersede it anytime soon. It is easy and provides results in which I am perfectly happy with. Evens out skin tone? Check. Covers up blemishes? Check. Diminishes shine? Check. Brightens face? Check. Check, check, check. So, presently, I will stick to these steps I follow and products I use... just keeping it simple.

xo, I