Friday, February 5

PPW and V-Neck Jumpsuit

My closet is well-stocked for my liking. I have accumulated numerous pieces throughout the years that have accompanied me since high school. Albeit my postings on rather pricey clothing, shoes, and accessories, I am still a student and my budget does not allot for the purchases of those items (thus, this blog... a girl can dream, right?) Most of my closet inventory is from the likes of Banana Republic and Nordstrom. Admittedly, I do not have a lot of clothing, shoes, or accessories, but I am able to make what I do have last. How? I am an enthusiastic proponent of mixing-and-matching and wearing things over and over again (read: I am a proud/shameless outfit-repeater), which, in turn, affects my purchasing decisions.

When shopping, regardless of if the item is $20 or $100, I always consider the "price-per-wear" (ppw) of it. Ex: two shirts I have my eyes on... one is $20 and one is $100. Both equally chic. Here's where the ppw comes into play for me: the $20 shirt I only see myself wearing once... the ppw is $20. On the other hand, for the $100 shirt, I see myself wearing it with many different outfits by mixing-and-matching... hypothetically, if I wear the shirt 10 times, the ppw is $10... 20 times, the ppw is $5, so on and so forth. With this in mind, I will buy the $100 shirt and pass on the $20 one. (Vice-versa: $20 shirt I see myself wearing many times vs. $100 shirt I see myself wearing once, I will buy the $20 shirt, not the $100 one.) 

Now, I do not actually compute calculations when I shop, like Oh, this is $75, I will wear it 123 times, what's the ppw? One second, let me pull out my TI-36X Pro from my purse. I instinctively get an intuitive feel for whether or not I will get many wears from an item and if it will have a low ppw. Being mindful of an item's ppw when I shop has served me well ever since high school and I will continue to go about shopping this way. 

Oh, and what inspired this post? I went on H&M and loved so many things from there. Not only are the prices of what I had my eye on extremely college-student budget-friendly, but I know I can mix-and-match and wear them multiple times. (Hello, super-low-basically-free-ha-ha ppw! ;) )

For instance, I saw this black shorts jumpsuit. It's a classic piece and can be dressed up or down. The cinched waist, adjustable sleeves, and slight sheen of the fabric are all pluses for versatility (add belt, sleeves up or down, wear casual or for going out). Here are two different outfit options...




TGIF and enjoy the weekend!

xo, I