Monday, February 8

Taupe Trench Coat

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I had this wild dream that I saw a puppymonkeybaby in real life. As a backstory, growing up, I would spend countless hours doodling this purely fictitious, rare specimen. Day by day, doodle by doodle, draft by draft, I ended up producing exactly what I had envisioned: a puppymonkeybaby (puppy+monkey+baby-in-one!). I assumed that since this creature was a combination of three of life's most adorable things, it would also certainly hold the caliber of being one of life's most adorable things (if not, the most adorable thing). Well, on sketch paper, this assumption held true. It was super adorable. However, in my dream, it was not and my assumption could not be further from the truth. This so-called "adorable thing" turned out to be odd-looking and might I add, perhaps one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Truth be told, I even let out an incredulous gasp in the midst of my dream. Um, so this is what a puppymonkeybaby looks like?... *Dumbfounded look, taking it all in,  then GASP* What? Why? Since when? What? But why? What? So not adorable! I was pretty much freaking out about it. All of my fond memories from my childhood of this puppymonkeybaby were thrown out the door. I will never think of a puppymonkeybaby the same again.

With that off my chest, I am now able to proceed with the fashion content of this post. I saw this taupe-colored trench coat from BR's Factory. It is a classic and I love how the color is not the typical khaki or black that you see for a trench coat. (Don't get me wrong, khaki and black trench coats are always chic and timeless pieces, but sometimes you want to switch things up... and this coat is perfect for that.) See below for how I would style it. The top, the jeans, and the pumps are all classics, but, similar to the trench coat, slightly differ from the typical "classic" piece. The white top has a bubble hem and a surplice neckline (vs. a white crewneck tee); the dark jeans have a slight fade (vs. solid dark jeans); and the black pumps are of d'Orsay style (vs. normal, black pointed-toe pumps). These are updated classics, yet still are simple and polished. This is a day time look that can easily be transitioned as a night time one with or without additional accessories... ah, my love for these multifunctional outfits!

xo, I