Wednesday, March 2


Essie Nail Polishes (Image Source)

Today's topics: mangos and Essie nail polish... (Truthfully, I originally came here to blog about Essie nail polish, but then I felt compelled to include mangos as well since I have been eating them nonstop.) So yes, mangos. And Essie nail polish. These are a few of my favorite things...

I will start with mangos. They are my all-time favorite fruit in the whole entire world. I do not know how this came to be, but it is the way it is. I did not choose the mango life, the mango life chose me. And to emphasize my love for mangos, I could never abnegate eating them... never. I mean, never. That would be too cruel and I am confident I would no longer be a sane person (as sane as a person blogging about mangos can be). For breakfast every morning, I have been eating one mango (baby one, not large) - along with my three scrambled eggs and half an avocado. I truly believe the consumption of the mango is how I am able to power through my day. Well, maybe it is the a.m. cup of coffee and/or the 8-hours of sleep I got the night before that allows me to function, but I will just acknowledge the magic of the mango... after all, mangos are the super-fruits of all fruits. This is not biased... no, not at all. I can go on and on about how much I love mangos and how amazing they are and how they are my favorite fruit ever and how they can change the world but I figure I should move onto Essie nail polish, another one of my favorite things.

I have been eating champagne mangos.. so delicious! (Image Source)

I spent last summer in Boston and that's when my love for Essie nail polish began. Something about the small square bottle with the white cap... so chic, minimalistic, and pretty. I began purchasing bottles of them to start a collection (I deem Summer 2015 to be the summer of collecting... aka Revlon lipstick and Essie). I only wear reds, nudes, whites, and pinks, so I have many shades in between all of those. I would say I have around 36 bottles or so... enough to last a long time for me. Or, moreover, perhaps enough to last a lifetime? Or, on second thought, perhaps not. I give myself a manicure once a week, but if it just so happens that my nail polish starts to chip in between nail sessions, I will redo them during the week (I cannot stand chipped nail polish!). Or if I find that I must change my nail color... so I predict I will use up all of my nail polish quicker. (By the way, I always paint my own nails. I no longer go to nail salons - have probably only been a handful of times... just a personal preference.)

Here are the products from Essie that I have been using religiously...

1. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil - moisturizes cuticles, smells amazing

2. Essie Millionaires - as a base coat: strengthens nails and protects nail-bed from yellowing

3. Essie Nail Polish - three of my favorite shades: 'really red', 'eternal optimist', and 'mademoiselle'... this week I am wearing 'back in the limo'

4. Essie Gel-Setter * - as a top coat: super shiny, long-lasting, chip-resistant (a bit difficult to apply since it is a very thick formula, but it provides great results for increased manicure longevity and shine) - I'm almost out of this, need to order another bottle soon

I will continuously use Essie nail products not only because I think the packaging is pretty (it really is!), but because I also find the nail polish formula and quality to be grade-A. It's long-lasting (even on its own, sans top coat) and the nail care products keep my nails strong and healthy.

Now you know: I love mangos and Essie. I am crazy about both of them. I could not love them more. (If you do not believe me, just ask my roommates from last summer. I purchased so many mangos and I painted my nails with Essie nail polish way too often.) No shame, only love. :)

Below I have compiled all of the Essie nail polishes and nail care products I own...
(Note: some colors might look the same on the web, but in person each shade of white/red/pink/nude has a different opacity and/or tone.)

Are you an Essie fan? Which Essie shade is your favorite?

xo, I

* On days where I need to be super-speedy when I do my nails (aka last-minute-touch-ups aka not-planned-ahead-redos aka nails-chip-right-before-an-event-save-me-from-nail-disaster-asap), I will use Seche Vite's ultra fast-drying top coat. Although this top coat does not make my manicure last as long (in comparison to Essie's Gel-Setter ) this makes my manicure dry-to-touch and out-the-door-ready within ten minutes or so.