Wednesday, March 9

Ina Garten

Whenever I decide to watch the Food Network and am so fortuitous to end up seeing Ina Garten on the TV screen (her show, Barefoot Contessa), I simply cannot hide my excitement - my face lights up and I am all smiles. Ina Garten is one of my two favorite Food Network hosts (the other is Giada De Laurentiis). I. Adore. Her. I idolize her and I can only attempt to emulate her cooking prowess and manual dexterity in the kitchen. Not to mention she is such an eloquent and soothing orator that I instantaneously become entranced in a state of calm and relaxation when I watch her show. What is there not to love about Ina Garten? Peaceful show and narration, simple and delicious meals. Everything's perfect about her!

One second, do I sound like a creeper? I just read over what I wrote. Yep, I totally sorta sound like a creeper. Okay, laying it out here: I am a normal person but a HUGE fan of a TV personality. Please do not be frightened. I just sit on the couch for the sole purpose of watching Barefoot Contessa. Love it. Pure joy and contentment. Alright, side thoughts over.

For the remainder of my time at home (aka life with a full-blown kitchen before once again diving head first into the sea of college-student simplicity), I will be embarking on a cooking journey to make as many of Ina Garten's recipes as I possibly can. I am beyond excited and can hardly wait to begin. Below are the recipes I intend on making first...

xo, I

P.S. Ina Garten's name begins with an "I". Coincidentally, my name begins with an "I". Or, maybe not-so-coincidentally. Perhaps that's a main reason I support Ina Garten so much... because our name's first letters are identical. Hmm... some food for thought. :)