Monday, March 7

Navy Love

Happy Monday!

This year, I have come to realize that my nascent love for the color navy is not something to downplay (thus this post to document this so-called color reality of mine). It has the potential of becoming one of my favorite colors (like baby pink: see here and here and here). Thinking of how this came to be is somehow enervating... I used to abhor anything navy-colored (only exclusion: denim) so I have been dedicating much of my time to fathom how (and why) I now add navy-colored items into my online-shopping-cart-in-which-I-do-not-actually-purchase-things-from without so much as even a flinch or eye(s)-blink-wink. Both strenuous and shocking to engage in this behavior... I have tried to reason with myself that I am not going crazy.* (By the way, this is all no offense to the color navy, or any other person who loves navy... I really am loving the color now and am joining the people-who-love-navy coalition, just coming to terms with it.*) I think it's because I am now in my twenties - and also going to turn twenty-one this year - that many of my important lifestyle preferences (i.e. favorite colors) are changing and/or evolving.* In this circumstance, I view this consideration of adding navy into my favorite colors list (black, green, red, baby pink) as a case in point of my increased open-mindedness.* I now state proudly: long gone are the days of my immediate dismissal of things navy-colored... instead, much love for them.

xo, I

*I find that I have also been keen to dramatizing my feelings and the events that occur in my life. As a disclaimer, there may or may not be some sarcasm or added commentary to heighten these dramatizations. Thank you for bearing with me and taking these lightly - or heavily, if you wish. Above all, thank you for stopping by and reading. :)