Friday, March 4

Nike Tennis

TGIF! It has been raining all day in the Bay Area (California) and I am cozy-ing it up right now in my bed. I took a trip to Napa this morning and boy, oh-boy was the drive a challenge. The rain was splattering so ferociously against the highway roads and my windshield that I, along with the other rainy-day drivers, had to decrease our speed limits by roughly 20mph. Everything was grey and foggy so we had to be extra cautious! I was taken aback by the rain since I have not been checking the weather and, consequently, did not anticipate this sudden irregularity with the precipitation. This not only affected the change in my driving mph, but also my workout today.

I have been playing tennis since I was seven-years old (so for 13 years now) and I love how great of a workout I get from it. It is a full-body sport and it works every muscle. I typically play around an hour or two each day, but since it is raining, I will just do a weights workout with ten-pound dumbbells. Lunges, squats, bicep curls, etc. etc. I will also incorporate body-weight plyometric exercises to keep my heart rate up. A stretch session will follow to wrap up and cool down. It will be quick, simple, and convenient, but also effective and will get a sweat going.

If you have yet to start playing tennis, I fully recommend you give it a try. I will reiterate this time and time again: tennis works every part of your body - arms, legs, abs, everything! Not to mention, it is incredibly fun and you get to wear cute tennis outfits like the Nike ones below (all tennis gear from Tennis Warehouse). Have a great weekend and hope you will play a bit of tennis soon!

xo, I