Friday, March 11

Ottomans in Living Rooms

My favorite living room in the gallery. Love the combination of grey-tones and beige-y colors and the pink accents. Hello, piano. The ottoman(s) look so comfortable. I also love the linearity of the details of the room (exclusion: circular chandeliers which add a subtle contrast to the overall sharpness of the room). This would be an ideal living room option for me.

Tonight, I made Ina Garten's Parker's Split Pea Soup and it was so hearty and delicious. More on that some other time. For now, the focus will be on ottomans in living rooms. I was on Architectural Digest and went through several of their galleries. This one with the ottomans in living rooms caught my interest the most at the time. We have moved into a brand new house; my mother loves ottomans so I made sure to pay attention to the details in case they will spark up an idea for our home. These photos definitely provide inspiration for our living room. The photos* in this post are only a handful from the complete gallery. My two absolute favorites are the living room above and the last living room. I love clean lines in a contemporary style, which both living rooms have. The photo above has a pop of color with the pink flowers (love) and the last photo is more neutral (which I also love). Besides those characteristics of my two favorites, I have written brief comments on each individual living room.

Which living room is your favorite?

xo, I

*All photo credits to Architectural Digest.

The reason I chose this was because I like a bright white look. Although I am not sure the furniture and artwork match up with my preferences, I think the placement of the ottoman(s) are neat. There are several small ones and one end chair ottoman. All are cute and functional. I think this would be such a tranquil space to spend time in.

This living room is rather dramatic with the floor-to-ceiling curtains as well as the color scheme. The pops of red are fun and the ottoman(s) are placed thoughtfully. For this, I honestly did not focus too much on the ottomans. Rather, I was captivated by the backyard and the positioning of furniture in the small living space. Also, I love the built-in bookshelves and the oversized artwork.

Another small space. The furniture is placed efficiently and uses up every corner (quite literally) of the living room. The sectional sofa and the ottoman combined looks like the optimal place to relax and curl up with a book in. Also, I love the wooden storage space along the wall - adds a natural and organic touch to the room. Once again, the furniture really optimizes every inch of the minimal space. 

This room feels glam to me. The window treatment - drapery - is floor-to-ceiling. I think the rod and hardware choice is a nice touch since it adds to the glam appeal of the space. The cool color scheme is pleasant and the purple floral accents are enchanting. (Well, flowers can do that to any space, though, right?) The ottoman (and the furniture) are rounded and that I am not a fan of, but it definitely works for this space. Even the rug is curved. Everything meshes so well in this living room.

My second favorite living room. Other than gray-tones and pops of pink, I love neutral and warmer colors. (As long as the style is contemporary/modern, not leaning towards traditional, etc.) This is a very cozy space and the ottoman(s) are functional and versatile. This living room is more soothing and calm to me. Really love this look and would not mind having this as my living room. Not one bit.