Tuesday, March 8


In the fall of 2014, I had used up both of my Comptoir Sud Pacifique sprays and was debating whether or not to purchase a new bottle of perfume.

One part of me (Brain Part A) was telling myself, "You practice and workout basically half of the day and walk around campus in workout gear - you do not need to put perfume on. There would be no point. You will be sweaty. And gross. And if you put perfume on, you will be perfumed-gross." This was sensible. It would be fruitless since I would end up sweating from lift/tennis practice a few hours later (or during a workout I call "walking up and down Comm Ave. hurriedly to get from class to class"... Walk faster, I! Walk. Faster!)... of course I took this into consideration and was chary of allowing myself to combine both perfume and hard work sweat scents. I could not imagine that. Un. Pleasant. I would also embody the idea of a human repellant. Yikes.

On the other hand, another part of me (Brain Part B) was saying, "But the perfume might work well with your body chemistry (important when choosing a perfume) and you will end up smelling delightful the entire day, regardless of if you will workout and are sweaty or what not. And altruistically speaking, people around you will enjoy the scent of your perfume and be happy that you smell un-unpleasant rather than unpleasant. What human repellant?? Begone! You will smell like amazingness."

Okay... well then Brain Part A and Brain Part B. Both had their points. I finally acquiesced to Brain Part B's optimistic proposal (and dismissed Brain Part A's idea that perfume combined with other scents would be unpleasant if that should ever be present) that buying new perfume would make me smell nice (yay!). Also, it would not, in fact, deter the human population from walking within a three feet radius around me. Not that this is particularly ideal since I am an ardent fan of personal space. However, close pedestrian proximity on Comm Ave. on most school days is a given so I cannot complain. And by the way, if I (or you) should ever find that I (or you) consistently have a three feet radius of a "bubble" around me (or you) on Comm Ave. during hustle-and-bustle times, something might be off. Just sayin'.

Anyway, I ended up purchasing Chloé Eau de Parfum. Best perfume purchase to date. It is fresh and light. It is versatile (wear day or night). It is long-lasting (lasts from day to night, even after workouts). It requires just one spritz. (Very potent, a little goes a long way.) I went through the entire bottle, listened to Brain Part B once again, then purchased two of Estée Lauder Aerin's floral fragrances to switch off. Waterlily Sun is fresh and light and Gardenia Rattan is muskier and heavier. Both scents smell great and are creditable, but they certainly lack lasting power. And I just received a bottle of Chloé Eau de Parfum as a gift so that will be my go-to scent this year. After emptying this bottle, I will have to try one of the ten fragrances from below...

xo, I