Thursday, March 3

Shopbop Sale

Drumroll please... *drumroll*... Shopbop is having a major sale! 15% off orders over $250, 20% off orders over $500, and 25% off orders over $1000. Yes, like I said, it is major! If you have been eyeing something, now is the time to purchase it. Grab that opportunity, take that chance, pick the golden apple from the magic tree (bear with me please, I am overly excited for this sale). If you are like me and do not purchase things full-price 99% of the time, then this sale is everything. There are very minimal exclusions on designer brands (think Stuart Weitzman) and... hello 25% off $1000! I would order what has been on my wishlist (or in Shopbop's case, "hearted"-list) and take advantage of this land of shopping opportunity. Oh, and I must not forget to mention: free 3-day shipping and free returns. And if you are an Amazon Prime member (ahem, me, ahem), then it is free 2-day shipping. What is there not to love about this (other than shelling out hard-earned money that you have saved specifically for this oh-so-special occasion)? Head over to Shopbop and online-shop away*... Happy Shopbop-ing!

xo, I

*This sale ends March 5. Please shop responsibly. :)

P.S. If you are fearing for your life to sort through the glut amount of items on Shopbop, fear not, LIN+LIN has got you covered. I took the liberty of rummaging through Shopbop and narrowed down some pieces I thought were classic or chic or unique or versatile... see the compilation below. Think of it as LIN+LIN's handpicked ultra-mini-Shopbop of Shopbop. ;) Hope you see something you like!