Friday, August 19

Tesla Model S

Panda, Panda, Panda. Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. I love Tesla. It should be a universally acknowledged fact by now that I am obsessed with Tesla. In particular, the Tesla Model S. Every time I see one, my heart skips a beat. No joke. It is just so sleek and beautiful and all things amazing. The design of the car is futuristic and minimalistic; I can't help but be in awe of it. Plus, it saves gas. Reminder to self: I hate pumping gas. Also, it's quite practical. You can make use of not only the back trunk, but the front hood as well. The seating is spacious and does not feel crammed at all, despite the car's slim and low profile. The touch-screen control panel will take familiarity to get comfortable with, but it is modern and unobtrusive. The panoramic roof is just lovely. I love the interior just as much as the exterior.

I know these things not because I researched this car online (which, come on, let's be real, I sorta love doing), but because I went into the Tesla store the other day and sat in the Model S (!!!). That moment goes on my list of "Best Moments Ever" - even surpassing the moment I successfully flipped in-between two monkey bars without slamming my head into the metal poles back when I was in grade school. (Imagine the monkey bars like this: |=| and my 5th-grade daring-self flipping through the two horizontal lines. Impressive, I know. *Round of Applause* Thank you, thank you. (Never mind that I just watched Olympic gymnastics reruns...) Anyway, yes, it was a totally amazing moment when I sat in the car and imagined me driving it. Vroom vroom. Vroom. My love. Tesla Model S. I would get it in all-black. Interior, exterior. Yep, all. black. With a panoramic roof. *Insert heart eyes emoji* Okay, I'm done fawning over the car... for now, at least. I'm looking forward to a fabulous weekend (I'm back in California!) filled with sunshine and exploring. Hope you have a wonderful one!

xo, I

Panoramic roof for great views and fresh air

Sleek, low profile

Simple, minimalistic, all-black with silver details

Happy as a clam. I love Tesla.

Dress: Banana Republic (similar here and here) || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: Zara (similar here and here) || Sandals: Tory Burch (similar herehere, and here)