Monday, August 29

Wishlist: Bags

Happy Monday!

This is the last week I am home in California before I head back to school in Boston (from west to east coast). I am saddened that my short break of a few weeks with my family is almost over. At the same time though, I am excited to start my senior year. Sigh... how time flies, how time flies... Anyway, I had a great time at an outdoor shopping center (my favorite kind) this past weekend. It was gorgeous out and it was so much fun. I was strolling around in Nordstrom and looked at their shoes, dresses, jewelry, bags, etc... basically everything, I really love Nordstrom, okay? *insert sassy-girl-with-her-hand-out emoji*... Afterwards, I got home and sat on my couch for what seemed like an eternity just trying to recover from all of the shop-walking (it's a ton of hard work, mental, physical, you name it, just tons of pure hard work I tell ya), I just had a random thought about bags. Of course I did, of course. So what did I do about this thought? I started looking for some bags that I have had an eye on for some time now and also came across some other bags that I ended up loving. And thus, this post... hardiharhar, thankful for random thoughts... sometimes. I look for bags that are classic and timeless (ones that I can see myself using for a long time). And as you can see in my comments beside the bags, I have a thing for simple and structured bags. If the bag comes with a removable strap (for hands-free crossbody use), even better. These are the ones that I picked as my favorite wishlist bags as of right now... What is your favorite and/or dream bag?

xo, I

p.s. For more info on these bags, hover below and click on the circles that appear; the product page of each bag should open in a new tab.