Wednesday, November 9

Burgundy Moto Leather Jacket

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I spy with my little eye... another turtleneck sweater. This provides me the opportunity to include a cautionary note: there will be more posts with turtleneck sweaters in them. If you do not like turtleneck sweaters, fear not. Simply swap out the turtlenecks with non-turtleneck sweaters, ones of similar style but with different necklines. Easy as chicken pot pie, minus the green peas in them. (For some reason, I just do not like green peas. Also, are chicken pot pies difficult to make? Hmm... I should test out a recipe one of these days!)

Anyway, the main focus here is not on the turtleneck sweater, nor on the level of difficulty of making chicken pot pies, but on this burgundy moto leather jacket. Or, rather, this wine moto leather jacket. Burgundy, wine. Shmurgundy, shwine. Ta-mae-toes, ta-mah-toes. You get the drift. Shades of colors flock together. Hey I, where are you going with this? Don't know... just play it cool, k. So, focusing on the jacket. It's the ultra-cool moto style with the warmth of a buttery leather jacket. It's textured and rather matted, which I prefer because I am not so much a fan of the shinier looking leather jackets. This one also does not have too many flashy zippers or those metal details.

I would wear this jacket with a white cable-knit turtleneck sweater (or, if you're a non-turtlenecker, a white cable-knit crewneck sweater), dark denim skinny jeans, lace-up sneakers, a nude-colored crossbody bag, and dainty earrings. Another look would be to wear all-black and then toss the jacket over for a touch of pizazz. I just think burgundy-colored (or wine-colored) pieces are so perfect for the fall/winter.

Note: I included Whispering Angel rosé because I mentioned wine, and, well, what kind of person would I be if I didn't include wine (the drink) with a post discussing wine (the color). I know, it's rosé and rosé is pink and not wine-colored, but let's be real... that's not really the point here. Read: wine. rosé. wine. rosé. wine. rosé. Rosé. all. day. Aaand... now I'm going to pour myself a glass of Whispering Angel... :)

xo, I
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