Monday, November 7

Grey Turtleneck Sweater

Casual Outfit: Bag || Sweater || Jeans || Shoes

I have a thing for turtlenecks. Especially when it gets to fall/wintertime, these babies will keep my neck toasty. I never wear scarves so I rely on turtlenecks to play their double-duty role: they must ensure that both my upper body and neck are protected from the frigid cold. No pressure to these turtlenecks, but it's absolutely necessary for them to serve their purpose. Otherwise why would I want to wear something that looks like it is suffocating my neck (don't worry, turtlenecks are actually non-suffocating, hallelujah). I found this grey turtleneck sweater and, as evident from this post, was inspired to create outfits for it. It's lightweight, but has a tencel/cashmere blend so it's still soft and cozy. For a casual outfit, pair it with high-waisted flare jeans, sneakers, and a crossbody bag. It would be so comfy to run errands in! Or to wear to class, just swap out the crossbody for a tote bag. For a dressier outfit, pair it with high-waisted skinny jeans, pointy-toe pumps, a structured bag, and a wool blazer. Perfect for a night out, meeting, or... a dressier errand-run (I'm always up for dressing up wherever I go!). Also, note how I chose two high-waisted jeans... you'd tuck the sweater into them. Because the turtleneck covers your neck, high-waisted jeans will lengthen your legs more (per usual) and make your outfit look more proportional. I'm loving these cozier outfits for fall/winter!

xo, I

Dressy Outfit: Blazer || Sweater || Jeans || Bag || Shoes