Friday, November 25

Red Lace Dress

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Is it just me or do you also feel inclined to wear red more frequently as Christmas-time is swiftly approaching? I have noticed the difference when I've recently been online shopping. I am like, "Red, red, red! Give me all the red!" I think I only have one red shirt so I should begin to stock up on my red gear for Christmas asap. At this rate I am going with looking at a lot of red clothing, I am off to a good start, but I also might go cray cray with the red... It's such a fun and bold color. Plus, it stands out a lot, which is atypical of what I go for. I normally wear black... light black, medium black, dark black, you name it, all the different shades of black. Vampire black, nighttime black, lights-out black, etc. etc. So I think wearing red here and there will be a nice change for me - I'm excited! And amidst my window shopping for all zee red, I looked at red lace dresses... how gorgeous are these ones...

xo, I

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Dress  •  Dress  •  Dress