Friday, December 23

Christmas Weekend Recipes

Meatloaf  •  Salmon  •  Chicken  •  Mac&Cheese

It's alllllmost Christmas! The anticipation is almost unbearable, I can't wait. My family and I have our trees up and ready to go. We haven't put any ornaments on them because we think the warm white lights look beautiful on their own, but we decided last minute to hang ornaments so we'll do that tomorrow morning. We're going with a red and gold color scheme. My sister and I also looked up recipes to make for the weekend and I am so. so. so. excited. Lots and lots of food coming up. Tomorrow morning we will make shakshuka, for lunch we'll make seafood risotto and shrimp scampi, and for dinner we'll make roasted salmon and roasted asparagus. For Christmas morning we will make a buttery breakfast casserole, for lunch we'll make lemon & garlic chicken, and for dinner we'll make mac&cheese, turkey meatloafroasted sweet potatoes/brussel sprouts, and creamy garlic mashed potatoes. So... we'll have a little bit of everything... yum, bon appétit!

xo, I

p.s. We will also bake goodies... among them, two of my favorite desserts: chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake.

p.p.s. Some other recipes I plan on making soon: clam chowder, billi bi, and these chicken recipes here, here, and here.

Risotto  •  Shakshuka  •  Casserole  •  Cookies