Wednesday, December 21

Embellished Wrap Dress

Happy Wednesday! I'm currently typing away with my freshly brewed ruby red chai from Trader Joe's. Cup o' tea in my left hand, typing with my right hand. Yes, one-handed typing. Hashtag mad. skillz. Just kidding, that would be an unsafe situation. For my laptop. What if I spilled the piping hot ruby red chai all over my keyboard... oh, the horror! Burned right hand? No problem. Ruby red liquid seeping into the electronic veins of my precious laptop? Yikes. No, thank you. How imaginative of me though... that's what sipping on ruby red chai from Trader Joe's will do to ya. Also, Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to shop at. Hello, cookie butter. Hello, pretty much errthang in there. But, again: hello, cookie butter. ❤︎

Now that I've gotten my tea/Trader Joe's-related tangent out my system, I'll move on to the embellished wrap dress. This isn't a dress I would normally gravitate towards. I don't particularly like ruching... or embellishments... or asymmetrical hemlines. This dress happens to have all three of those details. However, I love the wrap design and the color of the dress. The knee-length, long sleeves, and v-neckline are also pluses in my book. The ruching goes well with the wrap design, the embellishments are kept to a minimum (and placed tastefully), and the asymmetrical hemline is not dramatic. This would be such a fabulous dress for the holidays, it's glam yet refined. I would wear this with pointy toe pumps (these sparkly ones are gorgeous!), simple earrings, and a rosey pink lip. To take the sparkle and shine factor from the embellishments of the dress and pumps up a notch, wear a clutch like this one! Now this is one glam holiday outfit to sparkle and shine in...

xo, I

p.s. I've been drinking chai tea incessantly, but my love for black coffee is still very much alive.

Dress  •  Earrings  •  Lip Stain - Rose Mix  •  Clutch  •  Pumps