Wednesday, December 7

Suede Skirts

Clockwise from top-left: Skirt  •  Skirt  •  Skirt  •  Skirt

Happy Wednesday! Today is December 7, which means only 7 more days until I am back home in California... woop woop. Let the countdown begin. I just took out my luggage last night in preparation for packing... #excited. Note: packing for me includes listening to music and taking sips of wine and dancing and all that good stuff in between. I let the process ride out for a while because I've had my fair share of intense, omg-i-am-in-such-a-rush-why-did-i-wait-last-minute-to-do-this packing moments and let me tell ya, those were not pleasant times. Consequently, I try to make packing as enjoyable of a thing as possible. What can I say, I'm an optimist. On another note unrelated to packing... a recent trend has been suede, like all suede errthang. I don't normally follow trends (e.g., choker necklaces, no-no for me) but I am I, and I like suede, a lot. Take these suede skirts... I would wear them with over-the-knee boots (suede, maybe, hmm...) and a long-sleeve turtleneck of some sort (either sweater or tight-fitting shirt). Maybe opaque tights, too. I love these outfits for fall/winter!

xo, I