Friday, December 9

Workout Basics

Jacket  •  Top  •  Leggings  •  Bottle

Happy Friday! I have some news... I have transitioned from being a former Division-1 tennis player to now being a squash player. Ya read that correctly... I am now a squash player. (Kinda-ish. I played once.) Since I wasn't involved in some sort of competitive or sporty athletic activity this semester (no, I, running on the treadmill, secretly "competing" against your treadmill neighbors, does not count), I decided to try out for the club squash team at my school. It was my first time ever playing squash, and I was so excited I could not wipe the huge grin off of my face. Luckily, squash is fundamentally similar to tennis. However... the ball does. not. bounce. And you have to lunge and use your forearm a lot... versus in tennis, you need to bend your knees and swing all the way through with your arm. Also, two players in one closed-off court roughly half the size of a tennis court was unusual to me. Let's just say that squash will take lots of some practice for me to get used to. I got the hang of it a bit more towards the end of the hour that I played. I served, learned the in/out lines, scoring, etc. etc. Anyway, I have yet to get my gear (placed a club order for two rackets and, um, goggles), but I will start my squash career next semester. Woohoo... now, maybe I should get more workout clothes. This post includes workout basics that I would def wear to squash it up on the squash court. (Get it? I'm hilarious.) I can't wait to start playing more. Let's goooooo.

xo, I

Jacket  •  Sweatshirt  •  Tank  •  Bra

Top  •  Top  •  Top  •  Top

Shorts  •  Shorts  •  Leggings  •  Leggings

Shoes  •  Socks  •  Fitbit  •  Bottle