Friday, January 13

Belted Vest

Vest  •  Jeans  •  Top  •  Boots

Happy Friday! Don't know about you, but I am oh-so-ready for the weekend. Woohoo. Also, have a look at this vest... I saw it online and thought, wow, I don't think I have ever seen a vest as cool as this one before. It's amazing. Technically, it is not a vest... Nordstrom describes it as a "Sleeveless Belted Coat" - but... I see it as a vest. To me, vest = sleeveless outerwear. In this case, I see sleeveless outerwear, aka I see a vest. The color is a stunning wine color, otherwise known as burgundy, and the belted look is fabulous (as well as the slim, collared, v-neckline). I would wear this over a simple black turtleneck, black denim, and black boots combo. Everything else is kept basic since the vest is the stunner piece here. Just throw it on and go!

xo, I