Wednesday, January 18

Seafolly Bikini Set

Bikini Top  •  Bikini Bottom

Happy Wednesday! Alright, alright, 2017 just began and it isn't quite summer yet, but it will be shortly! Well, kind of. In a couple of months summer will arrive. It will creep up on us... we all know that time flies. So... I'm already looking at summer clothing, like beachwear. This Seafolly bikini set (top, bottom) is one to keep an eye out for. I love the halter top and the soft twists. Plus, the colors... from classic black to bold pink or blue, so stunning! Note: the pink and blue, for some reason, reminded me of jam. Maybe it's because I've recently been eating pb&j sandwiches nonstop... at least one per day keeps the doctor away, I say... I use two slices of whole wheat bread, spread strawberry jam on one slice and creamy peanut butter on the other. Then I press them together, and slice the sammich diagonally (because triangle pieces are the best, of course), pack them in a sandwich bag, and then eat it on-the-go! Such a convenient snack or meal, which fuels me for a couple of hours. I sure need the energy for my workouts! Bye-bye now, off I go to eat a pb&j, then work up a sweat!

xo, I