Monday, January 30

Sneaky Sneaks

Happy Monday! This past weekend Roger Federer and Serena Williams won the Australian Open - woohoo. Such an amazing tournament for both of them... not to mention Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams' great performances as well. I haven't played tennis in quite a while, but watching them play was inspirational. I almost feel like picking up a tennis racket and hitting for a bit! Almost, almost. Maybe after the French Open? Or... after Wimbledon? Eh, erm, or maybe after the U.S. Open... haha. I mean, at least I have been working out. Yay for FitRec being a three-minute walk away from StuVi1.

Also, I've been wearing heeled boots pretty much everyday and I'm wondering if I should wear sneakers more. It's nice to be a couple inches taller than I am, but a part of me wants to just bask in the gloriousness of being 5'7"-ish. Oh, the dilemmas I put myself through... I have with me one pair of casual sneakers and one pair of running sneakers. My running sneakers are not like the cute, "athleisure" type of sneakers. They are rather clunky and chunky and funky-funky so I don't wear them other than for my workouts... or for when I decide to wear workout clothing for the day, which is nowadays pretty much never. (I workout in the early mornings, and then change into a non-workout outfit for the rest of the day.)

Personal preference, I would (and kind of do at this point) wear high-heels all day errday. But to change things up a bit here and there, I think these sneakers would be so cute to wear for casual outfits, when I don't feel like wearing heels. They seem like they would be super comfortable... that's always a plus! And, for sure, these aren't clunky/chunky/funky-funky. :)

Oh, and these sneaky sneaks are all under $100... 

  • ★ Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers - You've probably seen these shoes around in the ever-so-popular white version. I like these for the suede and the deep navy blue color. It stands out from the rest. This also came in a burgundy suede design, but it seems that it has sold out.

  • ★ Caslon Cassie Perforated Sneakers - I first spotted these online and then saw them at the Walnut Creek Nordstrom. They looked even better in-person. I don't usually like perforated designs, but this one works well. I like the suede and the light-grey color. 

  • ★ Vince Camuto Brindy Sneaker - This sneaker is reminiscent of my grade school days when I would wear sneakers with velcro straps. Go me. These are another pair of easy-on-easy-off sneakers. Except, unlike the Eden shoe, where it's just slip on, this one has the velcro straps. So. Cool.
xo, I