Sunday, February 19

11 Arlington Street | London

All photos: Mansion Global. This one showcases the floor-to-ceiling curtains... I love floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Do I post on Sundays? Or even on weekends? Not usually. But this London apartment made me feel some type of way... it made me feel like blogging, naturally. The grey-neutral monochromatic interior look is one of my favorites. It would be so comforting to come home to. From the furniture to the curtains to the lighting, the apartment also has a modern-glam-luxurious look... another one of my favorites. The apartment is 2,444 square feet - 3 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms - and is listed at $12,406,524. Note: I have yet to go to London, and can't wait to visit someday. *Starts working on British accent*

xo, I

The kitchen. The circular lighting over the island adds character to the apartment, as does the dining room lighting fixture in later photos. One thing to note: I absolutely love large kitchens and this one is more on the compact side. Still beautiful though.

His closet. Organized? Love. Sport coats? Love. That many striped dress shirts? Ehrm...... well, I digress. The LED lighting strips add a nice touch. What do the double doors lead to? Her (hopefully, much-larger-than-his) closet? ;)

The pattern of the stoned wall. Wow, talk about statement! Also, the oval bathtub. I always had a little thing for those kind of bathtubs for some reason. I would change the blinds to cordless, flat roman shades. Simply for convenience. And I generally prefer shades to blinds, they give a "softer" look.
The large mirror. The floor-to-ceiling glass shower. Love, love, love. Also, I just noticed, there are double doors everywhere... yays all around for double doors.

A cozy entertainment area. Perfect for a movie night in. I like the double window treatment, the shade-and-curtain combination.

The dining room. One positive about the floor plan of this apartment is that it flows. The dining room leads into a seating area which leads into the entertainment area.

The dining room from another angle. The lighting fixture is unique. The mirrored wall makes the space seem larger than it is, love the effect of mirrored walls.
A bedroom.  I spy symmetry... can I get a woop woop? Woop woop. The bedside lamps are large, but the proportions look fitting. Again, a neat light fixture and double window treatment. Stunning.