Wednesday, February 15

Herbed Cauliflower Rice

Photo Credit: Bon Appétit

(R)ice, (r)ice, baby. You know it. Rice. And rice. And, more rice. It is relatively easy to make and fills me up. However, it is high in carbs. There are 45 grams of carbs per cup of brown rice, the type of rice I eat most frequently. 45. That's quite a bit! Brown rice is widely considered to be a "healthy carb" and while I do eat my fair share of carbs, I am also interested in low-carb alternatives. A trendy food nowadays is cauliflower, especially in replacement of rice. How so? Toss cauliflower pieces into a food processor, let the food processor do its thing, and the cauliflower will magically turn into a fine, rice-like texture... making it a healthier, low-carb rice alternative. How simple - and great - is that? So simple. So great. So wow. Also, I was in a grocery store the other day and saw pre-packaged "cauliflower rice" which seemed convenient as well. But if you own a food processor, you can make it in the comfort of your home. Which brings me to another point... spices! (I've just added cumin and tumeric to my expansive spice collection. (Read: five spices, five...) Spices add flavor to, well, a flavorless dish. I don't know about you, but cauliflower on its own is bland. Make your cauliflower rice at home and you have free reign to add whichever spices and however many different variations of spices as you'd like. Then you'll have a delicious, low-carb rice replacement for the days you do not feel like eating cups upon cups of brown rice. (Ahem, me, myself, and I.) Not spiced, but this herbed cauliflower rice recipe from Bon Appétit seems delicious, too - need to try it out!

xo, I