Friday, March 10

Black Boots

Happy Friday! Hooray for the weekend. Although at the same time, spring break is nearing its end. Can we extend it for another week, BU? Pretty please with a cherry on top? :) Tonight I will be attending a BU Men's Ice Hockey game... BU vs. Northeastern. I haven't been to one in years, and I have only been less than a handful of times. I figure this may well be my last chance to go to one of the games at Agganis Arena as a BU student. I'm really excited... the last time I went to a game, the hockey players were slamming each other against the glass walls. I sat near the front so I got to see all of the action up-close. Slightly frightening, but also thrilling. Hopefully at tonight's game I will see some intense competition. Go Terriers :)

On another note: it is currently snowing. Maybe the weather will be nicer tonight. Even though it doesn't matter for the game since the arena will be chilly anyways (I'm sitting near the front again). I'll be bundled up in layers and will probably wear boots. Here are three pairs of black boots - and one pair of booties - that are super chic...

xo, I
Sam Edelman 'Silas' Knee-High Boot

Sam Edelman 'Bernadette' Over-The-Knee Boot

Sam Edelman 'Victoria' Slouch Boot

Vince 'Gabbrielle' Open-Toe Bootie