Saturday, March 4

Some Facts About Me

Spring break has finally arrived... woohoo. This upcoming week I'll just be relaxing in Boston; I won't be traveling anywhere. It's nice to be on campus without the hustle-and-bustle atmosphere. I'll spend my time eating, sleeping, working out, reading, painting, studying, walking around, exploring, watching movies, etc. etc. Just typical activities I very much enjoy. :) Anyhow, since I haven't shared too many details about myself on this blog, here are some facts about me...

  •  My first name is Iris... I always sign off my posts with I. My middle name is H... it stands for my Chinese name: Hai Yi. My last name is Lin... my blog is eponymously named. 

  •  I am 21 years old. My birthday is September 20. More numbers, yay... I am 5'7, without heels... with: 5'9-5'11

  •  I was born in San Francisco, but lived in China from 1-5 yrs old... Chinese was my first language. I speak English fluently and speak Mandarin. I can also speak basic French.

  •  I live in Boston now; I'm a senior at Boston University. My apartment dorm has an incredible view overlooking the Charles River and the Boston skyline.

  •  I'm currently single. And, no shame, I've used Tinder/Bumble before.

  •  I played tennis for over ten years and earned a full scholarship to play on the D1 varsity tennis team at BU.

  •  My favorite fruit is the best fruit ever, aka mango. I love mangos. I love them so, so much. Frozen mangos, fresh mangos, anything with mango. Gimme gimme.

  •  I love ice cream. Oh my gosh, do I love me some ice cream or do I love me some ice cream. Ben&Jerry's Milk&Cookies is the best B&Js flavor. Two summers ago I tried a flavor from JP Lick's, in Coolidge Corner, Boston, with a combination of cookies&cream and cookie dough. Life-changing. I originally bought a small cup of it and then went back in line to order a pint. So. Good. *Currently eating a pint of Milk&Cookies while lightly jogging at a 10.0 pace/6.0 incline on the treadmill* 

  •  My favorite color is baby pink. It used to be BU red, then emerald green. Still love those colors, but baby pink is my favorite right now.

  •  I am neat and tidy and organized. I try to be as minimalistic as possible and try to keep my surroundings... i.e. my room, living spaces, etc... as clean and tidy as possible.

  •  I am an early bird; I prefer early mornings to late nights.

  •  My favorite TV shows are Suits, Friends, and Seinfeld.

  •  I love C√©line Dion. Some other favorite artists: Coldplay, The Killers, Kygo. 

  •  I just ate two too many of the recommended dosage of gummy vitamins.

  •  I drink black coffee. At least one big ol' mug of it every morning. Max two, though.

  •  My favorite animal is a fluffy, white pomeranian puppy. Notable mentions: baby elephants and baby pandas.

  •  I have always wanted to visit Paris and Bali.

  •  I once created a two-story fort out of my dorm bed.

  •  My favorite holiday is Christmas.

  •  I love to cook. I also love to eat. e.g. sushi, Mexican food, Chinese food, fries. Although I generally eat healthy, I love to indulge here and there. Read: pints of ice cream.

Well, voil√†! That was a list of 20 highly interesting facts about me... Maybe I'll list some more later or do a little video on it...

xo, I