Thursday, April 6


Images from The Kitchn ● Recipes 

Besides hard-boiled eggs, lentils have been my go-to this semester. The way I make lentils is an incredibly simple process: I throw a bag of lentils into my pot, fill my pot with lots of water (my only pot in my kitchen, and it is such an amazing all-purpose pot), turn the stovetop heat to high (our kitchen has an electric stovetop), let the water boil, throw in lots of spices (tumeric, cumin, paprika, curry powder, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper), stir, reduce heat to low, cover, and then let it simmer for about 30min. I then stir occasionally to make sure the bottom doesn't burn. Towards the end, I'll throw in a bag of frozen veggies, stir, and simmer a bit longer to let the veggies thaw and cook, and then, voila, lentils for days. Literally. I will eat this for lunch and dinner almost every day. It's comfort food, relatively healthy, extremely affordable, and almost effortless to make. Note that the amount of water I use and the amount of spices I throw in is completely unmeasured. (You can call it laziness or you can call it efficiency and genius-ness, haha. I choose the latter.) So... that means each batch of lentils is the same, but not actually the same, ifyagetwhatimean. But each batch I have made has been delicious and wholesome and filling. My lentil recipe may not be as complex as these really delicious looking recipes, but it's my go-to and I love it. My meals are p-lentil-ful and yummy. Hardiharhar. See what I did there... Happy Happy Thursday.

xo, I

p.s. This post was inspired by the pot of lentils that I just finished making. Yes, I cook lentils at 5:30am. Totally normal. :p